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Complete solutions: engineering for air ventilation

Product details

Your desire - our demand

Good individual devices are just one part of the picture. Efficient engineering that adapts them to specific customer situations is an entirely different business. ULT provides that different business.

Starting point is the adaptation of the extraction point to individual process conditions. If necessary, our engineers will design the appropriate extraction solution to fit directly into the customer's production plant.

Our work is not over until everything is running smoothly

Further services include the development of specific filter combinations, provision of extra features and adherence to specific framework conditions such as energy consumption.

On request, our services culminate in the design of a complete hall solution, where many devices have to be interconnected and monitored – manufacturing, assembly, installation, and handover of the complete system included

Successful projects

In the past two decades, ULT has designed and constructed ventilation systems for many well-known companies. From workplace extraction at one or more points, the support of large systems, to specially developed extraction and filtration systems in production halls. All projects were discussed and planned with the customer on-site, and developed and installed according to individual requirements. Our references can be found worldwide - in a wide variety of market segments and industrial sectors.

Would you like to learn more about these references? Contact ULT. Surely there is a successful project in your area of ​​activity. If not, you are more than welcome to serve as a reference.

Extraction systems are a legal requirement and an essential part of occupational safety. Together with you, the ULT protects employees, products and systems and also ensures that your energy balance is optimized. Because that is also part of the ULT service.

The service begins with the installation

Of course, the maintenance of our ventilation systems is also part of your "all-round carefree package". You get this performance from a few suppliers of extraction and filtration systems. Satisfied customers are ULT's top priority.

Ventilation systems through personal engineering. No two projects are the same - that's what makes ULT so special. Our ventilation solutions serve a variety of processes: laser processes, welding work, soldering processes, bulk goods, painting and gluing applications through to the removal of large quantities of dust, smoke, steam, gas, or odors.

Your benefits

  1. Individual extraction solution

    Your systems will be adapted to your needs. Starting with the pollutant situation and your internal processes to the best possible collection solution - we advise and support you in the selection and installation of your ideal extraction and filtration solution.

  2. Based on R&D

    Research and development (R&D) has highest importance at ULT. Many projects with well-known partners and institutes have been resulted in new approaches for ventilation systems, which are often transferred to series products or quickly and easily adapted to customer-specific projects.

  3. Individual system design

    If necessary, our extraction systems can be structurally adapted to your individual pollutant and workplace situation. This applies to the selection of the ideal filtration technology, questions of fire and explosion protection, the selection of system materials and special solutions for capturing air pollutants.

Your contact at ULT

Marko Höher

Head of sales & service

Sales Manager national/export
Sales Manager national/export
+49 3585 4128 0ult@ult.deContact form

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