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News from 2024/07/02

New extraction solution for combustible and carcinogenic laser dusts

New extraction solution for combustible and carcinogenic laser dusts

ULT is introducing the LAS 260 H/Ex, a new solution for removing critical dust during various laser processes. The explosion-proof device was developed for extracting and filtering dry, combustible, and health-endangering pollutants (dust and fumes) that can arise during laser processing of plastics and metals.

As an ATEX-compliant system designed to be free of ignition sources, the LAS 260 H/Ex is suitable for installation and operation within a zone 22 and enables the safe separation of combustible dust. Even the finest particles are separated to 99.995% in a two-stage filter system including a HEPA H-14 filter and safety filter stage.

The safety filter with integrated activated carbon filling ensures the safe operation of the device and removes gases that are hazardous to health and unpleasant odors. Due to the high level of cleaning, the filtered clean gas can be fed back into the work area even when carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic dust is separated (recirculation mode).

Device for the safe separation of combustible, carcinogenic laser dusts

In addition to the redundant filter system, the LAS 260 H/Ex provides further user benefits such as high flexibility through mobile utilization, extremely quiet operation, and low energy consumption.

All electrical components are suitable for UL and CE compliant use. In addition, the device can be used worldwide with a voltage range of 110-240 V.

To ensure compliance with the minimum volume flow of >20 m/s, an automatic monitoring system is integrated, which issues a warning signal if the flow falls below this limit.

A collection element (hose, pipe, extraction arm) with DN50 can be connected to the extraction and filter system. In addition, an M12 interface is available for system integration or connection for automated operation.

Additional information

Detailed information on the utilization and equipment of the LAS 260 H/Ex laser dust extractor can be found here:

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