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Here you will find download material on a wide variety of topics. Product series brochures, product information, competence and association brochures, the ULT app again, and more.

We are pleased that you are interested in the information material provided about our extraction and filtration systems, process air dryers, customized product solutions and material from legislators, associations and third-party providers.

If you are missing information on certain topics, please contact us. We would like to provide you with comprehensive information that can be helpful for your daily work tasks.

Products/product series

  1. Product overview: Air handling solutions from ULT
  2. Competence brochure "Laser fume extraction"
  3. Brochure "Soldering fume extraction"
  4. Brochure "Extraction and collection systems for dust and smoke"
  5. Brochure "Extraction and filtration of vapors, odors, gases"
  6. Brochure "Oil mist separators"
  7. Brochure "ULT Dry-Tec process air drying"
  8. Brochure "Mobile fume extractor JUMBO Filtertrolley"
  9. Brochure "Laser fume extractor LAS 800"

Special applications/services

  1. Competence brochure "Air handling solutions for battery production"
  2. Competence brochure "Air purification in electronics manufacturing"
  3. Brochure "Extraction of sticky laser dusts"
  4. Brochure "Filter aid metering for optimal particle filtration"
  5. Brochure "Air handling solutions for the additive manufacturing"
  6. Brochure "AMP+ - network for the additive manufacturing"
  7. Brochure "Laser fume extractor LAS 800"
  8. Brochure "ASD 300 Ex extraction system for explosive dust air mixtures"
  9. Brochure "JUMBO Filtertrolley LabCat"
  10. Brochure "JUMBO Filtertrolley MED"
  11. Brochure "JUMBO Filtertrolley Restauro"
  12. Brochure "JUMBO Elephant"
  13. White ULT logo on blue background
    ULT App (apk file)
  14. White ULT logo on blue background
    ULT App in the Apple App Store
  15. Blue logo of fume extraction vendor ULT
    ULT logo
  16. ULT corporate logo with claim written in blue
    ULT logo with claim

Extraction arms and pollutant capturing

  1. Brochure "Capturing airborne pollutants"
  2. Extraction arms and capturing elements type Flextractor
  3. Alsident extraction arms and capturing elements overview
  4. Extraction arms Alsident system 25
  5. Extraction arms Alsident system 50
  6. Extraction arms Alsident system 63
  7. Extraction arms Alsident system 75
  8. Extraction arms Alsident system 100

Forms and protocols

  1. Declaration on contamination of filters and components
  2. Declaration of ingredients and passivation process filter tons AMF
  1. Product series
  2. Special applications/services
  3. Extraction arms and pollutant capturing
  4. Forms and protocols
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