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Extraction of cooling lubricants such as oil or emulsion mist
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Oil mist separators – extraction systems for cooling lubricants

Oil mist separation

When planing, turning, drilling or milling metal parts, it's not just chips that fall. Cooling lubricant vapor also rises. It affects the breathing of employees and can lead to serious health problems. In addition, oil mist can turn entire factory buildings into slides or soil production tools and products.

Effective extraction of the cooling lubricants is therefore of the utmost importance. Oil mist separators were specially developed for these application scenarios.

Our AOD device series includes extraction systems and filter technology for oil mist and emulsion mist - for all possible production situations.

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Filter technology for oil mist separation

Oil mist separators or extraction systems for oil and emulsion mist are filter devices for separating and removing airborne pollutants such as particles or aerosols that arise in production processes. When processing metal products using surface technologies such as turning, drilling, milling, etc., cooling lubricants are used for cooling.

Due to the high processing speeds, the finest oil or emulsion mist is often produced, accompanied by smoke. These fine particles can cause skin and eye irritation or even respiratory diseases, cause damage to capital goods and also increase the risk of fire - for example through oil films that promote fire spread, or the formation of deflagration atmospheres in the process area.

Oil mist separators are primarily utilized in closed circuits. Since material particles and odors are also produced during metalworking, HEPA filters and sorption filters (physisorption and chemisorption) are often used in addition.

Here, the size of the oil mist separator depends on the generated quantity of oil mist that needs to be filtered. The capacity of the oil mist separator in turn depends on the size of the oil droplets to be separated.

Finally, separated cooling lubricants are collected in collection containers and often returned to the machining process. Gases or cleaned air streams are fed back into the process air and can sometimes even be used to heat workshops.


What you should know about oil mist separators:

  • Oil mist separators are available in different sizes and performance levels

  • Oil mist separators can be equipped with different filter media, which leads to an increase in the performance of the oil mist separator

  • Oil mist separators require regular maintenance to ensure performance

  • Oil mist separators can help save costs by preventing damage to equipment and protecting worker health

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