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Supporting various process steps in battery cell production

Support of various process stages in battery cell production

ULT offers complete ventilation system solutions along the value-added chain for battery production through to their disposal. The following process steps are primarily supported:

Coating processes anode/cathode

Typical processes in this manufacturing step are:

  • Powder handling

  • Mixing

  • Coating

  • Calendering

  • TDrying

For this purpose, ULT offers capturing, filtration and extraction technologies as well as conceptual air drying technology along the material mixing and coating process.

An extraction system is installed on the coating system, connected through ducts

Extraction of particles and humidity in the coating process

Battery cell production

Typical processes in this process stage are:

  • Cutting

  • Stacking

  • Welding

  • Packaging

  • Filling

ULT provides complete ventilation system solutions for the battery cell manufacturing process.

Use of mini environments

A unique solution: ULT develops air drying solutions in relation to so-called "mini-environments". This concept provides significant advantages in terms of energy savings for a company and clean working conditions for the staff. With energy-optimized processes, battery manufacturers can not only save money, but also significantly increase productivity.

In these mini-environments, the production machinery for battery cell manufacturing is enclosed, and the process air is dehumidified to the required level between -20°C and -60°C (-4 and -76 F) dew point temperature.

In addition, the contaminated air is captured and filtered at the respective laser cutting and laser welding units. ULT masters the necessary air balance management.

In this area, ULT supports users from conceptual advice and system design, through assembly to commissioning of the entire system technology.

Production plants are encased, air dehumidification systems are placed above them

Mini environments in the battery cell production

Battery production

The battery manufacturing processes are diverse. Typical steps along battery production that require air drying, extraction and filtration solutions are:

  • Cleaning and glueing

  • Contacting the battery cells

  • Assembly and welding

Separating and joining processes or surface structuring using lasers or similar methods are utilized. ULT offers a wide range of consulting and product solutions for this.


When batteries are disposed of, a wide variety of pollutants, most of which are toxic and therefore harmful to health, are produced. ULT offers a wide range of consulting and product solutions for air pollution control and thus for occupational health and safety.

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