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COTES Flexible - modular process air drying solution

Product details


  • Product drying, room drying and air ventilation

  • Process air drying or conditioning


  • Ruggest corrosion proof steel housing

  • Control elements on the device front

  • Operating hour counter


  • Stepless adjustment of the process and regeneration air volumes

  • ModBus interface

  • Filter monitoring; particulate filter occupancy: optical signalling

  • Digital device control

Technical specifications
Device versionCOTES Flexible
Process volume flow inlet (m³/h)8000 ... 40000
Power supply
Noise level with connected pipelines
Freely available compression of the process air (Pa)konfigurationsabhängig
Regeneration air volume flow (m³/h)2600 ... 12600
Freely available external compression at the outlet (Pa)konfigurationsabhängig




Process air inlet
Process air outlet
Regeneration air inlet
Regeneration air outlet

Your benefits

  1. Flexible COTES system design

    The safe and proven standard adsorption drying systems can be supplemented with additional modules (filters, control cabinets, transition pieces, etc.) if required, thereby significantly expanding their possible utilizations compared to the basic system. Please contact us.

  2. High energy efficiency in air drying

    The utilization of EC-controlled fans, heat recovery that is partly integrated as standard, and an ideal sorption volume ensure the most energy-efficient operation of the air drying systems and year-round ambient conditions. We always offer you the optimal solution for your special process requirements.

  3. Safe and well-proven COTES system technology

    The ULT-COTES adsorption drying technology is based on the "all-round adsorption drying systems" that have been carefully developed over many years. These can be planned, delivered, and installed in all configurations available as standard. Our extensive experience and many satisfied customers also enable you to use this long-lasting and robust system technology.

  4. Large variety of COTES systems

    The large number of different sizes and system designs up to a process air volume flow of 30,000 m³/h make it possible to adequately supply many processes - including energy-intensive ones - with dry process air. Pre- and after-coolers, post-condensation modules, base and wall frames as well as individual control variants are available for all sizes.

  5. Short delivery times and reliability

    The high degree of automation and precise and constant tracking of incoming orders, together with efficient parts handling, enable very short delivery times. In addition, we can guarantee absolutely punctual delivery dates in consultation with our partners.

  6. Needs-based service and maintenance

    We offer you quick and uncomplicated service and maintenance appointments for all COTES adsorption drying systems installed throughout Germany. The majority of the required spare and wear parts are in stock in our factory and are available to ensure an efficient maintenance and repair order. Our experienced service technicians are on the road for you throughout Europe.

Silver system, consisting of four modules arranged side by side
COTES Flexible for industrial air drying

Your contact at ULT

Frank Schimmelmann

Managing director

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