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ULT Dry-Tec 50.x arid - modular air dehumidification

Product details


  • Product drying, room drying and air ventilation

  • Process air drying or conditioning


  • Powder-coated, shock-resistant housing

  • Control elements on the front

  • Filter monitoring

  • Air flow control: stepless adjustment of the process and regeneration air volumes

  • Adjusted heating and cooling capacity, variable module solutions that can be adapted to variable process conditions

  • Particle filter occupancy: optical signalling

  • Variable system design enables space-savings 


  • Profibus or Profinet interface

  • Operation hour counter

  • Digital device control

  • Provision of special external process and regeneration air connections and air ducts

Technical specifications
Device versionULT Dry-Tec 50.x arid
Process volume flow inlet (m³/h)5000
Power supply400 V / 3~ / 50 Hz
Noise level with connected pipelines<76 dB(A)
Freely available compression of the process air (Pa)3000
Regeneration air volume flow (m³/h)1670
Freely available external compression at the outlet (Pa)800
Process air inlet315
Process air outlet315
Regeneration air inlet200
Regeneration air outlet200

Your benefits

  1. High flexibility in air drying

    The ULT Dry-Tec systems for adsorption drying are used in a wide range of applications from the food, construction, chemical and pharmaceutical industries or in Li-Ion battery production to be used flexibly at any time. Mobile versions with an integrated cooling system and a self-sufficient process control can also be implemented. If necessary, the ideal application will be configured by our experts on-site.

  2. Simple operation of the dehumidifier

    The ULT adsorption drying systems were designed in such a way that changed process requirements can be adjusted quickly and easily. After initial commissioning and on-site instruction, the systems can also be easily operated and monitored remotely at any time. If you still have questions, our service technicians will be happy to help you at any time.

  3. Individual system design for air drying

    The design of our drying systems can always be adapted to your individual process situations. This affects the selection of the heating and cooling elements, as well as the use of external process energy (gas, water, steam, exhaust air) as additional parameters to increase the overall efficiency of your process system.

  4. Modular air dryer system design

    Modularity is the basis for the efficient utilization of our ventilation solutions. In this way, you can react flexibly to changing quality and quantity requirements and continue to use your existing system technology. The modular systems will fit perfectly into your existing infrastructure. A simple installation of our modular technology in building structures makes it easier to set up the systems in existing buildings thanks to the modularity of our dryer system series.

  5. Optimal energy efficiency

    The use of EC-controlled fans, heat recovery integrated as standard and an optimal sorption volume ensure the most energy-efficient operation of the systems and year-round ambient conditions. We at ULT always offer you the ideall solution for your special process requirements.

  6. High precision

    The large number of variable process parameters, even in the standard configuration, enable high precision when setting and regulating the required process and climate conditions.

Modular design of the process air dehumidifier
ULT Dry-Tec 50.x arid
Modular design of the process air dehumidifier
ULT Dry-Tec 50.x arid
Modular design of the process air dehumidifier
ULT Dry-Tec 50.x arid

Your contact at ULT

Frank Schimmelmann

Managing director/sales ULT Dry-Tec GmbH

Portrait Frank Schimmelmann
Portrait Frank Schimmelmann
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