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ASD 1500 – dust collector

Product details

Application fields

  • Grinding, engraving, polishing

  • Cleaning, abrading, transfilling, etc.

  • Dust collection


  • Stationary extraction system for high pollutant output

  • 30 l dust collector bin

  • Cartridge filter system with self-cleaning filter elements

  • Simple filter handling by means of quick lock fasteners

  • Powder coated, rugged steel housing

  • Controls in separate switch cabinet

  • Loaded particle filter indicator

  • Differential pressure-based, compressed air pulses


  • Jet-stream filter cleaning

  • Swing check valve

Technical specifications

Device versionASD 1500 MD.60ASD 1500 MD.61
Max. air flow in m³/h21603240
Max. vacuum in Pa32003450
Nominal capacity in m³/h@Pa800 @ 25001200 @ 2500
Dimensions in mm (WxDxH)680x750x2920680x750x2920
Weight in kg300300
Connection variants – diameter in mm1 x 2001 X 200

System benefits

  1. Long filter time

    The long performance life of the filter elements in our systems reduces maintenance and material costs in the medium and long term. In addition, the downtimes for necessary filter module changes or system cleaning are significantly reduced.

  2. Based on R&D

    Research and development (R&D) has highest importance at ULT. Many projects with well-known partners and institutes have been resulted in new approaches for ventilation systems, which are often transferred to series products or quickly and easily adapted to customer-specific projects.

  3. Ideal filtration technology

    The utilization of the most sensible filtration technology ensures a long filter service life and, consequently, reduces maintenance and spare parts costs. ULT always offers You the ideal solution for your specific pollutant technology in order to achieve the best possible filtration results.

Extraction system for high dust accumulation in industrial processes
Dust collector ASD 1500

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Head of Sales

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Sales Manager national/export
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