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LRA 1200 – powerful soldering fume extractor

Product details

Application fields

  • Manual soldering

  • Robot soldering

  • Automated soldering systems


  • Mobile extraction system with castors

  • Exchangeable filter system

  • Control elements on the front panel

  • Powder coated, rugged steel housing

  • Loaded particle filter indicator: optical signalling

  • Volume flow control: stepless adjustment of suction capacity

  • Installation of extraction arms


  • Interface SUB D9, operation hours counter, digital device control

  • Expanded metal prefilter, particulate filter, adsorption filter

System benefits

  1. Modular construction

    Modularity is the basis for the effective use of ULT ventilation solutions. This allows You to react flexibly to changing pollutant or processing scenarios and always exploit the full potential of the systems.

  2. High flexibility

    Many of the ULT fume extraction systems can be utilized flexibly. For example, You can choose between mobile or stationary solutions, system integrations or special ventilation solutions. If necessary, the ideal application is configured by ULT experts on-site.

  3. Ideal filtration technology

    The utilization of the most sensible filtration technology ensures a long filter service life and, consequently, reduces maintenance and spare parts costs. ULT always offers You the ideal solution for your specific pollutant technology in order to achieve the best possible filtration results.

  4. Individual system design

    If necessary, our extraction systems can be structurally adapted to your individual pollutant and workplace situation. This applies to the selection of the ideal filtration technology, questions of fire and explosion protection, the selection of system materials and special solutions for capturing air pollutants.

  5. Long filter time

    The long performance life of the filter elements in our systems reduces maintenance and material costs in the medium and long term. In addition, the downtimes for necessary filter module changes or system cleaning are significantly reduced.

  6. Simple operation

    Our extraction and filtration systems have been designed in such a way that they can be put into operation trouble-free and are easy to operate. They are easy to operate, handle and maintain.

Technical specifications
Device versionLRA 1200 MD.18
Max. air flow in m³/h1500
Max. vacuum in Pa3.25
Nominal capacity in m³/h@Pa1000 @ 1700
Dimensions in mm (WxDxH)790x820x1040
Weight in kg145
Noise level in dB55
Connection variants – diameter in mm1 X Ø 150 collar / 1 X Ø 160 collar
Storage filter system for removing soldering fumes and soldering vapors
LRA 1200 for mobile and stationary solder fume extraction

Your contact at ULT

Marko Höher

Head of Sales

Sales Manager national/export
Sales Manager national/export
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