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Mobile, convenient, and efficient: Your solution for clean air in the workplace with the JUMBO Filtertrolley mobile extraction unit

Quiet and mobile fume extraction for healthy air at the workplace

Are you looking for an industrial vacuum cleaner? Or would you prefer a solution that flexibly adapts to your working conditions while quietly eliminating all airborne pollutants with precision?

The ULT JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0 is not just a machine. It is a portable removal unit for many applications: for workplace extraction in many industries, crafts, medicine, or laboratories - reduce the risk to health!

It can be variably adapted to different needs and requirements with the help of its construction, various filter inserts and extraction arms.

This flexible removal device, for example, enables the portable extraction and filtration of the finest dust, laser smoke, soldering fume, odors, or solvent vapors.

In the modern working world, where cleanliness and health protection are of the highest priority, the JUMBO Filtertrolley portable fume extractor represents an indispensable solution. This device combines mobility with high efficiency in extracting fume, vapors, dust, and other fine particles to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

Discover how the ULT JUMBO Filtertrolley becomes your reliable partner for clean air.


Learn more about the JUMBO Filtertrolley including its qualities!

Advantages and device handling of the portable extraction unit

Device variants of the JUMBO Filtertrolley


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Mobile extraction and filtration with the JUMBO Filtertrolley

Why should you choose the JUMBO Filtertrolley?

Powerful and mobile for clean ambient air!

This device is not a simple vacuum cleaner. It impresses with its performance and extensive mobility. It has a strong suction power and, thanks to its robust housing and flexible application possibilities, is ideal for a wide range of applications – from processing metals, plastics, or organic materials against any dust and smoke occurrence. This portable removal unit has a large radius of action, can be equipped with one or two extraction arms, and can be used continuously!

How can you acquire the JUMBO Filtertrolley?

Simple and direct! What should you consider, and how can you order this extraction system?

The path to your JUMBO Filtertrolley is quite simple. Please contact us via the provided contact form or optionally by email/phone and receive individual advice tailored to your needs. Together, we will find the optimal solution for your requirements.

Start your inquiry now! We offer you the right service!

Mobile emission removal with the JUMBO Filtertrolley - the smart filter system

The JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0 was primarily designed for use at changing workplaces, for portable workplace fume and dust extraction under limited space conditions, or as an under-desk unit. Due to its unique design, it can be operated in various positions.

In conjunction with the JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0 mobile dust extraction unit, the use of appropriate extraction arms and capture elements is recommended. We source these from leading suppliers.

Our experienced sales staff will explain which capture elements are suitable for which application, presenting our wide range of system variants.

Extracting and filtering airborne pollutants is an important part of occupational safety in industry, crafts, and research, but also in restoration work and in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories. In this context, the mobility of the device often plays a major role.

Extraction units protect employees, processing equipment, and products from airborne pollutants. These can be contained in fume, dust, vapors, odors, or gases. The smaller, the more dangerous, as from a certain size (>10 µm) they can overcome the human blood-lung barrier and penetrate tissue.

Which remedy suits your needs depends on your working environments and conditions. A portable fume extraction unit is recommended for changing workplaces, as mobile removal guarantees flexibility.

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right mobile extraction unit?

The selection of the suitable portable removal unit depends on various factors, depending on the model, including the type of pollutants, the size of your work area, the desired and required filtration, and specific requirements for mobility.

This portable fume extractor offers a solution for almost every need thanks to its versatile filter options and adaptability. - lifetime and performance you need!

Is the JUMBO Filtertrolley movable and usable in any environment?

Yes, its robust construction and the option to use a filter element depending on the type of pollutants make the JUMBO Filtertrolley a versatile helper in practically any industrial or craft environment.

  • The collector is a powerful, mobile fume extractor for clean air while working.

  • Fume and dust extraction - Flexible application for various applications thanks to extensive filter options.

  • Simple acquisition process through direct contact with ULT.

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