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Dust collection and smoke extration

We support you in dust collection and smoke removal

Do industrial dust and smoke heavily affect your daily working processes? Do you look for an air cleaning system removing unpleasant and harmful emissions?

The ASD equipment series covers a wide range of mobile and stationary dust collection units of many application classes.

This counts for all dusts occuring during grinding, cutting, milling, and polishing as well as powder filling processes. All to be found in many producing and handcraft industries as well as laboratories.

We also offer appropriate solutions when it comes to fire protection and consideration of potentially explosive atmospheres.

Overview storage filter systems

Overview cartridge filter systems

Mobile dust extraction

Flexible dust collector for various applications

JUMBO Filtertrolley ASD

Mobile dust collection with the flexible JUMBO Filtertrolley ASD. The portable extraction system for dusts that arise in industry and handicraft can be utilized for a wide range of workplace and emission conditions.

The JUMBO ASD is very quiet and yet powerful.

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Easy-to-use and flexible extraction system with pull-out handle and mounted extraction arm

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    Paper "Capturing air pollutants"

Your requirements to a dust collection system

What do you expect from a dust collector, i.e. an extraction and filtration system for dust and smoke? It must meet various requirements to ensure low maintenance, health protection, and high quality of work.

This includes:

  • The complete elimination of all dust that occurs by means of workplace extraction

  • Gradual filtering: Use of pre-filters for coarse particles (>10 µm) to prevent the fine dust filter (<10 µm) and, if necessary, adsorption filters from saturating too quickly

  • Adaptation to relevant contaminants: An extraction system must absorb all particles, nonetheless they're coarse or fine. Therefore, the capacity of the filter media must be adapted to the emitted amount of particles. For example, a large amount of coarse dust requires high-capacity filters to avoid too frequent replacement. Too low saturation conditions lead to extremely high maintenance efforts for the air cleaning system. On the contrary, if fine dust is largely produced, coarse filters may have low capacities.

  • Adaptation to work places: In large production plants, attributes such as ‘space saving’, ‘mobile’ or ‘silent’ do not matter. However, such characteristics are welcome at individual and manual workstations. Air technology must not be annoying – it should never disturb work routines, neither physically nor acoustically.


These requirements are met by our dust collection solutions. ULT provides dust extraction systems for many applications, guaranteeing best possible economic solutions in removing industrial contaminants. You're welcome to contact us!

Your contact at ULT

Marko Höher

Head of sales & service ULT AG

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Sales Manager national/export
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